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Does your child struggle with anxiety, overwhelm and lack confidence?  Is your child having challenges with reading, writing and math?

... it can feel like a nightmare ...

It raises anxiety and frustration in the home.  Homework can be stressful. This puts a strain on your relationship with your child.  Of course, you want the best for your child and you've have tried so many ways to help.  Yet, there is so much conflicting advice from friends, family, teachers and specialists.

Discover how you can assist your child to make life-long improvements in their learning, confidence, concentration, reading, writing, coordination, communication and behaviour... 

You will notice dramatic improvments when you and your child do simple yet powerful fun Brain Gym activities and exercises together to foster your child's development... only 15 minutes a day! ...




Imagine your child grow into a happier, confident, calm and creative person they were uniquely born to be...  Being able to increase your child's grades and improve behaviour is possible!  How?... You can accomplish this by retraining the brain to focus better with simple, yet powerful exercises and techniques.  It really works!!!

Are you ready to unlock your child's full potential?

Join our Innovative Learning Program today and together we will launch your child on a life's most miraculous and successful journey...

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For over 25 years, Enza Lyons has witnessed extraordinary transformations with children and adults.  With our effective our programs you can

  • Increased memory, focus and concentration (so you can learn faster and easily)
  • Reduce anxiety (so you can feel more relaxed, confident and increase self-esteem)
  • Overcome learning difficulties such ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Dyspraxia
  • Increase communication and build better relationships(so you can achieve peace and harmony at home, school and in the workplace)
  • Become better organised (so you can complete tasks easily and get more done in less time)
  • Recover faster from muscular pain, injury and stroke (so you can move more freely)
  • Improve coordination, balance, flexibility and freedom of movement (so you can perform better at work, sports and music)
  • Increase energy, vitality, health and well-being (so you can keep up with your busy lifestyle)

"It is about a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy living".

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Here is what an happy and excited mother said.

"After 3 sessions with Enza, my 7 year old daughter is a totally different girl. She is calmer, more centred and loving. Her concentration is stronger and her report card has risen from Cs and Bs to As and Bs. Consequently, she is more confident, less critical of herself and such a delightful little girl."Janice, HR Manager and Mother.

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Unlock your child's skills, confidence and potential with Brain Gym

Parents!  Are you worried about your child's grades or behaviour? Does your child struggle with concentration, learning difficulties, reading problems, anxiety and inability to relate to others or express feelings, poor coordination or frequent stress related illness? Here's how you can unlock your child's immense potential and help them be calm, focused and confident in school and in life with Brain Gym...It's a simple, drug-free fun learning program that takes only 15 minutes per day... and they'll have fun doing it!

Find out how to give your child the help and support they deserve with a FREE Initial Consultation TODAY!



Teachers use Brain Gym to create calmer, happier and more productive students in the classrooms.

Teachers! Do you want a classroom where your students are more settled, responsive and ready to listen and learn?  Imagine if you could settle over-excited, distracted or irritated students with just 15 minutes a day of simple, fun exercises.

Learn the powerful techniques teachers are using in thousands of schools around the world to create calmer, happier and more productive classrooms.  It's called Brain Gym!



Are you living the life you want?

Are you struggling with anxiety, chronic stress, concentration problems, muscular tension, disrupted sleep patterns and tensed relationships?  Learn simple powerful Brain Gym exercises and Kinesiology techniques that you can use to activate your innate capabilities, creativity, healing and achieve your goals in work and in life.


Over 50s

Fabulous Over 50s! What is the secret to ageing well?

Ladies!  Do you ever feel like you are having a few too many struggles as you hit midlife like loss of mental clarity, energy, anxiety, unwanted extra kilos?  When we hit premenopause, we are in for a loss of issues we may not have had to deal with before.  There are physiological events at this time in life, along with the demanding lifestyles most of us lead, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, depressed or defeated.  The GOOD NEWS is there are effective solutions.


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